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Amy sent me the a cappella vocal tracks. I made the music. Except except for 'Banjo on the Day the Man Came to Visit. In which Amy sent the Banjo, and I sang and filled out the song with other instruments.


released March 27, 2011

Amy Vecchione. All else, ME!



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.
Track Name: Fall in the Rain
Fall in the rain
Think what you might you are such a pain
Dream through the night and you're free from fright

Fall in the rain
Think what you might you are such a pain
Dreams through the night you are free from day
Free from the night and you're free from fright
You're free from fright

If you fall in the rain
You'll think what you might and you'll think of spite
You're such a pain and you'll dream through the night
You're free from day and you're free from the day and you're free from fright
Track Name: Coffee and Cardamom
You were a Toxic Joy to Behold
Oh sweet first taste
You made me understand
What was once dull and bland
You made me understand the first time
All that I'd known was limpid and clean
But you came to me in a dream
When I hadn't slept for days
Oh sweet first taste
My mind a tremble in your spell
I jitter and unwell
You made me feel alive for the first time
Now that your flavor unfolded let it intoxicate
Oh sweet first taste
Oh sweet first taste
Track Name: Make Sure
Make sure on the land
You'll find it all
and take it in one hand
And breathe it all over

Make sure you find the land
Track Name: Like Rain
In the wee hours
It's like rain
Take down the sleeves
It's like rain
Tear down the leaves
It's like rain
In the wee hours
It's like rain

There were days
And lived in them
Full us walking
Through land of rain

Small green fields and wiry fences
Concrete lovers fields of rain
Track Name: Banjo on the Day the Man Came to Visit
Sunday Sidewalk
Wednesday Weather
Friday Forgotten
Week Together

Sky is open
Plain is better
A draughted option
Wednesday whether
Track Name: Bop
All this heartbreak
It takes its time
All this heartbreak
It's over
Over in time
It takes time
Take your time
Track Name: Never Fall Away
You will Never never
Take of all my heart
and it'll all
You will never never
Shake and I'll never oh
You will never never
shake until it all falls off
Well every hour, you'll follow every hour
Shake it all
And you'll never fall away
Track Name: Satellite
You'll want a horse ride to a satellite
Past the moon and the stars and the sun
You'll just need fancy shoes
Picnic food and some booze
It will not take very long
Gonna horse ride to a satellite
To get there it's super far
We can't take a car
We'll get your saddle right
and get to the satellite