by Michael Flannery

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My foray into Rap.
I'm the rapper AND the producer Mwahahahaha.


released January 27, 2010

Fractal Rock Guest Vocals: Dan Flannery and Kena Onyejekwe

Album Art
Laura Vecchione

Big Thanks to:
Dan, Kena, Jacob Lawson, and Deena For their support.



Track Name: The Number One Concept
Incoherent as they might seem
My dreams expound
Inch for inch pound for pound sound on sound
Tensile strength of a carbon nano tube
never breaking form even when they're misconstrued
It'd be crude to think that I'd consider to suggest
The secrets of my trade that I'd rather not divest
It's best if everyone just let it be understood
The scienticians crew is working for the common good

Primo Prime
The Number One Concept
Divided By
The Number One Concept
The Number One Concept
Breaking it all down
The Number One Concept
Party Going On

I saw an ad on public transportation
Just the other day so I took down notation
It was disgraceful
A young male Caucasian
Dressed up like a nerd
Standing by a scooter
Pants high, bowtie,
Knee Socks, Tape on the glasses
I know what trash is and this was it
Smart people have a stigma to beat
Mass media marketing makes it hard to defeat
You think this intellectual threw up both hands and resigned?
Heck no!
I just tore down that stupid sign


Prime Numbers and people who think Like I do
Separate individuals all standing right beside you
One existed well before the people who have tried to
develop through their disciplines a lense for all to see through
Most folks are products of a massive magic trick
Multiples of themselves and the constructs that they fit
Divide out all the excess and factors you will find-
The universe and you in other words one and a prime!
Track Name: Fractal Rock
Music Math
Pleasing Sound
Tiny Particles
Jumpa Round
Right Left
Brain Together
Content Pinnacle
Thought The Weather
Aesthete Four Feet
Visually Stimulating Rhythmic Movement

There are fractals in our dance moves
Though the pattern isn't clear
They build on one another
Just like Stalactites
Dancin' up a frenzy
And all our friends are here
Everybody's Moving
We're cool Molecules

Hitting up the highway
Heading to the studio
Just say the word like
Su Su Sudio
Keeping all the secrets
Leaking out the clues
Putting words to music in the melody we choose
People are composed of
Many little parts
Pieced together properly
That's when the party starts
Who's thinking?
I'm Thinking
Watcha thinking about?
Visually Stimulating Rhythmic Movement


Ya know, there was once a thing I thought I'd never think again but then it came up in a conversation I had with a friend who said the thought related to a situation in his life and put it all into perspective helping him to set it right. He said, "The thing about the thought was that I never wrote it down but it existed in the world as as something waiting to be found!" And when he looked around himself and all the things that he was wanting they were tangible to be without he found it very daunting. He could never really say just when he thought the thought I gave him but he knew when he remembered it was just the thought to save him now he's happy an emotion cause the problems all have passed but they were just a concept that his brain had over-massed An Idea that I'd forgotten put perspective to the problem of my pal who'd gotten maudlin over things that never even left our minds!
Track Name: Scienticians
Seeking competition and not finding it
Surreptitiously deliciously I'm grinding it
With the mortar and pestal
My flow: anthropological Vessel
Like evolution the time is near
Plebians and troglodytes come here
Get excommunicated, Rehabilitated, and Affiliated
Now you're reinstated
The new millennium usurps you all
Scienticians popping up like perennials
IQs 212
Cerebrum in a cylinder displayed upon the shelf
Nebulous thoughts float above my intellect
When I ponder them I recognize in retrospect
Many notions
Sailing seven seas
Often time I forget the Q's and P's but no matter
Egg foo Young, Pickled tongue and Poo Poo Platter
Keep me satiated
My duty to society
I'm obligated
Scienticians spreading the word
Back in middle school they called me a nerd
I was chided misguided undecided I was slighted
Hall monitor and chess club never invited
But now the year 2000.8
Novice intellectuals receive a clean slate
Track Name: Virtuousic Membranes
Virtuosic Membranes
Permeated by Osmosis
Crunchy Bread From a Box with Hot Filaments
That's What Toast Is
My Breath Contains Particles of Stomach Acid
Pink Rhomboid Paper Plied With Adhesive
That's a Post-It

Mathmatics is a rhyme scheme time themed jargon
Spewed forth from its purveyor a surveyor past the margin
See the world in Fractals spinning endlessly in synch
Hyperbolic Thinking is more useful than you think
Sink Deeper in Thought and come out the other end
Now the Food for thought you're fed ended up a fecal friend
The stink of dead ideas processed thoroughly in head
Mind the gap in your own logic reconsider it instead
All the lectures, the experiments, the papers that you read
and in the end you realize that there's nothing to be said


There's time and there's space and the dimensions in between
But all that we can hope to do is keep our noses clean
Our cochleas keep throbbing and the soundwaves are unseen
But put a piece of cheese down there
You'll find out what I mean
Man or Mouse?
Flea or Louse?
I found an itch that I can't scratch
My brain has eggs of schemes that unproportioned it can't hatch
But what's the harm in that?
Ineffectual it may be
Perhaps you've never met an intellectual like me
I the acme paradox braggart if you will
But ninth nerves often translate what I'm saying like a pill
So ill it's intravenous
So sick it's like a dog
Wanna figure out my origins?
You'll have to take the Log


When I Throw a party
Host with the Mostess
Around this time of year
My allergies are ferocious
You win Horseshoes and Bocce Ball
When you're the closest
Gallus Domesticut
Tastes best when it's roasted
The ingredients in a twinkie can be used to make a bomb
Sue Hostess
If you're having trouble following me
Go listen to some slow shit.
Track Name: Twinkle Twinkle
Smile Now I've been working on my style for awhile now
I sit back with a bottle of Tsing Tao and think how
Going to the beach could be nice! I would bring towels to Lie on
I drive my Scion 85 KPH
I zip by
I move forward

When you wish Upon A
Ball of gas undergoing nuclear fusion viewed from millions of miles twinkle twinkle

Wishes dreams hope and aspirations
Told to a vision dead for generations
The nurture of man encoded in our genes
Incrementilectually evolving
But I fear that all the changes are to subtle to be seen
and unless they're in perspective we can't find out what they mean
Now the subject is surveyor with no distance in between and the wishes that we make all seem like nothing more than dreams
But we keep on
To find a pattern in the pattern in which we are a part


Like the future meeting the past now now

Now is the summation of the wishes of the past
The people who have come and gone
The ideas they amassed
Once cast to the sky which is why we imagine
a vastness above us that no man can fathom
The brain needs inspiration a flirtation with unknowns
And the world will keep on spinning turning rocks backl into stones
Me I sip my beverage while I sit upon the sand and wonder where the thoughts I think eventually will land

Twinkle Twinkle
Hope Hope
Grow Grow
You Define
The Course
The Human Race
Will Follow
Track Name: Illiant
It's not just brilliant it's Illiant
Scienticians the Apex of Sane
Everybody Knows that Everybody Knows that Everybody Knows that Everybody Knows

Keep your mind clear
So my ideas adhere
Multiply there
Weigh this
Don't forget the Scale Tare
A progression marching forth
In accordance with the doctrines of our field we check the worth
Is it worth it?
To make the changes that we seek
The peak of progress moves perpetually upwards every week
Plastics Luggage personally packaged pies
Laptops ear buds the objects we devise
And a tower to the sky
Lasers in the atmosphere and overseeing eye
Packing Peanuts
Are fun with which to play
How many coffee cups you think get thrown out everyday?


Scienticians Illiant Apex of Sane
AproPro lyrics that wrap round your brain middle game
I'm planning plotting new terrain
I speeding superhighway through the ether
Neither past nor future denominates the now
No individual event predominates the now
Every single occurence recombinates us, how?
A genome predisposed to reproduction!
Rhinoceri, Octopi, Platypi, and Walri in order to pluralize the us you need an I
That's where it starts
At the heart. Without love there is no way
Philanthropize yourself and love life almost everyday!